• Framed and laid rail for Sobol Springs
  • Framed and began laying rail for the two staging yards


  • Completed staging yards and wiring
  • Framed Millport's arrival/departure yard- Havens Yard and laid its rail
  • Lots of wiring
  • Framed Fillmore Heights industrial switching aisle


  • Laid rail in Fillmore Heights
  • Installed styrene skyboards on Millport peninsula
  • CM Tower trackage
  • Framed Millport's 16th Street hump classification yard
  • Lots more wiring


  • Installed fascia and several control panels (more wiring) in the Millport aisle
  • Installed lighting valences in all previously built areas
  • Began trackage at International Paper Co. and main from Pt. Vincent to Bayfield


  • Completed all rail to Glen Forge, including Bayfield double-crossover
  • Completed hump yard trackage, retarders, and numerous panels
  • Built elevated platform for Ridge 
  • Built and sheet rocked stud walls for 50% of Kayford valley
  • Framed Morrison, Ricksburg, Ridge (rain room), and Brooks (in isolated Kayford valley)
  • Lighting valence from Sobol Springs to Morrison, Ricksburg, and beyond
  • Glen Forge framing and ties down, ready for rail


  • Morrison coal yards completed
  • International Paper Mill panels installed. Lots more wiring
  • Ricksburg Yard completed
  • Stud wall and other framing 


  • Glen Forge trackwork completed
  • Framing and rails from Glen Forge to the Ohio River crossing
  • Ricksburg to Mt. Union thru the gorge completed
  • Lots of lighting and panels
  • Wall and operator tunnels built
  • Kayford Coal Branch under construction


  • Completion of Kayford Coal Branch trackage
  • Kayford fascia and lighting
  • Work on Linnwood and Ridge, WV trackage (rain room)
  • Lots of wiring
  • Rebuilt Mt. Union trackage and added new staging under adjacent Kayford 


  • Completion of Linnwood and Ridge
  • Completion of mainline from Union Gap to Linnwood
  • Installation and laying of rails across the Ohio River Bridge
  • Remaining Fascia
  • Construction of CTC machine cabinet
  • Wiring!


  • Necessary scenery and thru truss bridge installations to allow full operation
  • Completion of the CTC Machine
  • Completion of the phone system
  • Installation of remaining panels
  • "Shotcrete" ceiling of long operator tunnel in Kayford
  • Baseboard and finishing trim, start of carpeting, etc.