Welcome to the Appalachian and Ohio Railroad. Whether it's the busy Ohio River industrial metropolis of Millport, the rainy mountain towns of Ridge and Darwin, or the funky tipples in the lonely hollers of the Kayford Coal Branch - I hope you find something to enjoy looking at and that stokes your fires for prototypical model railroading. If this is your first visit to this site, you may want to start with the History page or go directly to the page marked "A&O 1.0," which contains photos of my first O scale layout that fleshed-out many of the basic philosophies around which the A&O was constructed. The brief text there, which describes these principles are often referred to, but not repeated here per se.

In contrast to the previous A&O website which existed in a fairly static state, this new A&O site is planned to be an ongoing, even interactive site, detailing the construction process and techniques discovered and developed over its lifespan. We'll do our best to photograph and present what we learn as we go along, both here and on the printed page. On the "2.0 Construction" page are numerous pictures and videos of what was done on 1.0 and is planned for replication on 2.0. As these are built, the new scenes will be added for comparison.


The email connection is so you can make comments, suggestions, or ask questions. Connecting and learning from one another is a large part of what has always made model railroading such a great hobby. When construction reaches an operational state, visitors are welcomed to stop by to see (and hear) the A&O in person. Use the email connection to make arrangements. And there are many exceptional layouts in our area, with the Greeley Freight Station Museum being one of the truly premier layouts in the nation. Information about it and others are on the links page.

So welcome to the A&O. Enjoy your virtual visit. And if so inclined, sign the guest book!

David Stewart
President and CEO
Milliken, CO