Welcome to the Appalachian and Ohio Railroad.  If this is your first visit to this site, you may want to start with the Layout page and "A&O 1.0," which contains photos of my first O scale layout.  That page  describes some of my model-railroading philosophies which were fleshed-out in my first venture into O scale. The May '06 MR featured that layout. 

After a relocation in 2006, this second, almost twice the sized version of the A&O was planned and begun in January 2008. Known as A&O 2.0 it occupies 3,000 sq', including space under the garage (see Construction page, "Thick Roof"). Many scenes and ideas from A&O 1.0 are being replicated as they were operational favorites. And the design philosophies, especially the " operator-in-the-scene", and "operator/scene isolation" have been greatly enhanced given the increased space.

After ten years of construction, A&O 2.0 was operationally complete. With that, so was the Construction page. Scenery and structure building is underway and photos will be placed on a new "Scenery" page. Next will be a new "Photos" page. And finally a new "Operations" page. In the meantime, the Forum has posts of these items under the "Crew Logs" Construction listing. There also various ops candids there. 

On the Forum you can register your visit or comments if you so chose. There are many interesting, helpful topic posts by skilled modelers to be found in the General section on the Forum. Joining the Forum will allow you to respond and post topics for us to enjoy as well. The Forum will also allow you to make connection for a visit. Visitors are always welcome on a pre-arranged basis. Just click and follow directions.



So welcome to the A&O. Enjoy your virtual visit. And if so inclined, sign the guest book!

David Stewart
President and CEO
Milliken, CO